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Calico Bass fishing never gets old!

The Boyz

The Capt gets one…

Nice one!

San Pedro Light

Rattle Snake…

Start the day

Delta Reflections


Firecracker Yellowtail

He ate it!

Good Morning

The tug is the drug!

Do not forget the Spotted Bay Bass!

Beautiful Fish

Lori grabs a nice Green River Brown

Lori with White Seabass

Can you say …FAST !!

Good Morning

Great fly fishing set up

Happy Father’s Day

John – flying the colors…

Food for everyone!

Jon with 12 pounds of fun!!!

Jon with 12 pounds of fun!!!

Flytime Poster Boy

Flytime Poster Boy

The Capt is bent

The Capt is bent

LA Harbor, On the Fly, Hooked in the Mouth…..!!!!!

Salty Guide getting Fresh….. Mammoth

Trigger Fish in Santa Monica Bay

Grand Ave. Perch

Sargo at the Wall

Oh Yeah………


Johnny Bass on the fly

Big Cabazon on the fly!

WOW – what a way to start the year!!

The Girl can fish….

Cold Winter Morning


Long Beach Cuda

Catalina Bonito

“Bean” time………

Great Colors

Oh yeah……!

San Diego Spottie

Mr. wiggles

Chucky Bass

Smile says it all….

small scappy one

Early Morning with Ken

Fish On!

Looking too serious….

Nice Sargo

Happy Camper

Not all of them are monsters!

Delta Striper!

Dr. Hodges fishing for Stripers

Del Rey Halibut

Nice Sand Bass

Pacific Barracuda

Very nice…..

“Toad” Bonito = Screaming reels!

Topanga Reef Calico

Spotted Bay Bass

Urchin on the Fly

Morning at the office

Catalina Island Bonito

SoCal Cuda

another Mr. Grumpy

Leo and his Yellowtail

Fall run Bonito

“Q” with another Island Checker board

Leopards on the beach

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